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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 14, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

7:00 pm shepard: we bailed out the bank, even the ones that didn't want a bailout. so what will the banks do for us? tonight, the president's plan. i'm shepard smith. this is fox news. president obama meeting with top bankers and in and canning they do more to help the economy. >> when many of these institutions were on the verge of collapse, we took difficult and, frankly, unpopular steps to pull them back from the brink. >> he gave us some very strong outlines about things that he expects from us. today we realized we are under the microscope. shepard: today the bankers said they will start doing things -- plus, naked ambition. >> simply walking down the street naked isn't indecent.
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>> when a naked man is walking down by your seoul i would say. shepard: perfectly legal here. >> tonight, the battle over bearing it all. first tonight the banks helped create this problem and now they better find a solution. that the bottom line from president obama today after his sitdown with ceos from some of the nation's biggest banks. the financial institutions represented at today's meeting have accepted more than $186 billion in taxpayer money. some asked for the cash. the feds forced it on the others. either way, the administration has said looping the money was necessary saving the economy. after the banks got themselves into trouble by mismanaging their risk. president obama says now that the banks are recovering, well, they owe us. >> america's banks received extraordinary assistance from american taxpayers to rebuild their industry. and now that they are back on
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their feet, we expect an extraordinary commitment from them to help rebuild our economy. shepard: so what are the banks supposed to do? cash is always nice to repay those loans. today citigroup announced it will repay about $0 billion and less than an hour ago wells fargo reported it will repay 25 billion. but that money is just part of the picture. the president says banks also have to agree to real financial reform. they need to change how they pay executives to encourage better decision-making he says. and perhaps most of all the president says the banks need to step up their lending. especially to small and medium sized businesses. >> we agree viscerally that more lending needs to be done. we are looking for those opportunities to make sure we don't put people's in harm's way and we don't put banks back in harm's way. shepard: still the president says there is a difference between saying work needs to be done and actually doing the work. major garrett a senior white house correspondent live there tonight. does the administration have the leverage here, major, to actually make the banks do
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anything. >> the direct answer, of course, is no, shepard. the president doesn't have legislative or regulatory power outside of those already a part of u.s. law, passed by congress or in the hands of regulators and regulators are leaning on banks more aggressively. and the banks also know this, shepard, that the president has a bully pulpit and they have a public relations and image problem right now. so they want to look responsive. they did not want to come to the white house today with a hostile attitude. they left the meeting sounding as cooperative as possible. bank analysts say a lot of this looks more theatrical to them. >> i think a lot of it is theater and that the meeting went on for an hour and a half. surprising. that's a lot of time for stage management, but still, the dramatics going in and the statements coming out were not really substantive. >> meaning, shepard, that there weren't solid commitments from the banks or promises from the white house to give them things in exchange for commitments on financial lending. all of that falls into the
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remains to be seen category. shepard: so will we see any real changes or is that remaining to be seen as well? >> the banks say they are going to do something that they haven't done up until now, which is on bank loans, to small businesses that have been rejected once, they are going to go back and look at a second and third time. because they say maybe the economy is getting better. maybe there are things they overlooked because they do want to help create jobs and small businesses need loans to create that job creating momentum. here is richard davis, president and ceo of u.s. bank corps. >> i don't think anyone would or should force the hands of banks to do anything imprudent. and our shareholders and our boards of directors and your ceos won't let that happen. but, we certainly do have to find a way to become more relevant in this recovery. >> more relevant in this recovery. certainly small businesses would like the banks to do that. the white house does, too. shep? shepard: major garrett live on the north lawn tonight. major, thank you. health care count down and democrats tell us they are make some big changes to their health
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care bill to try to keep some senators on board. they are ready to drop both the so-called public option, the government-run insurance idea to compete with private companies. and ditch one of the alternatives they were considering. letting people buy into medicare starting at the age of 55. the connecticut senator jeerm was -- joe lieberman was threatening to block the bill if those two provisions were left. in telling harry reid to give lieberman what he wants. tonight, that's apparently just happened. jim angle is live in washington tonight. jim, this isn't just about lieberman, right? some democrats also say they have problems with the bill. >> shep, there were half a dozen democrats who had problems on one issue or another. the problem is the leadership can't get 60 votes and so they're taking it out on joe lieberman. they are very angry with him. especially since he was so clear and so public about his opposition. take a listen. >> you got to take out the medicare buy-in. you have got to forget about the public option. you probably have to take out the class act, which was a whole
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new entitlement program that will -- future years put us further in the deficit. >> but as i said, shep, lieberman isn't the only skeptic and not the only obstacle to passing that expansion to medicare to let people as young as 55 buy in. >> we don't know what it's going to cost. the second thing is i'm concerned that it's the forerunner of single pair, the ultimate single payer plan, maybe even more directly than the public option. >> so, shep, the leadership we were told was very angry with lieberman. but, as i say they could just as easily be mad at several others who also oppose them on both those issues, shep. shepard: there is a big meeting at the white house on all of this tomorrow, right? >> that's right. the president has invited down the entire caucus and senator lieberman will go, we are told. they are going to go down and have a little kum ba yah moment there and figure out what the lay of the land is on the bill without these two things, the public option and the medicare
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buy-in. caving on those two options was apparently pushed by the white house. which sources say tell reid and others to do what was ners necessary to get the votes of lieberman and others. administration is clearly desperate to pass something, shep. so they want everybody down there tomorrow to press the point. shep? shepard: jim angle live in our washington newsroom tonight, jim, thanks. his wife is missing. the cops are asking him questions. and now josh powell has hired a lawyer. one who specializes in defending high profile suspects. josh powell's wife susan disappeared more than a week ago from their house in a shush bush of salt lake city, utah. the husband, josh, claims the last time he saw her was right before he took their two young children on have yousudden midnt camping trip in subfreezing temperatures. whatever happened to her, she didn't take her purse. she didn't take her cell phone. and today police testified everything looked completely normal when officers first got to the scene. >> no forced entry at the house. the only forced entry was made
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by the officers when they initially went out and entered the house to see if, you know, they might have been, you know, suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning or something. shepard: no carbon monoxide and still no sign of susan powell. "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. you spoke to the father of the missing woman. what is he saying. >> i started by asking the question everybody wants the answer to, which is does he believe that his son-in-law had anything whatsoever to do with his daughter's disappearance? this was his answer. listen. >> you know, the police have to look at all aspects of this thing. the investigation has to be all encompassing or we are doing a disservice to getting my daughter home. not all -- we don't have all the facts yet, so i won't speculate on his involvement. >> interesting change of tone there. over the weekend he was actually saying he didn't believe josh powell was capable of harming his daughter. he did not say that today, shep. shepard: think of it. the man left with the kids in the middle of the night. he lost tack of days he said and
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got back to work on the wrong day. in the meantime his wife disappeared and got to wonder how her father would be coping at a time like this. >> he says he has gone through disbelief. he has gone through despair. right now he is trying to keep himself busy and focus on what can he do to get susan back. listen. >> the thing that i can do for my daughter right now is make sure her picture is out across the country and people are aware she is missing. she would not leave her children and that if anybody has seen her, they can contact the authorities and hopefully help in getting her back. >> and he also says he is very impressed with the police and their investigation, very happy with everything they are doing right now. shep. shepard: i mentioned that the husband here has hired a law, which i guess considering all the circumstances, it's not all that surprising. >> no. absolutely. he obviously needs a lawyer because the police want to talk to him again. he was scheduled to meet with the cops. again, sometime this afternoon. we have not been able to confirm whether that has happened. the lawyer that he has hired by the way is the same one who
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represented wanda barsy. she, of course, is the woman who pleaded guilty in the federal charges of kidnapping in the elizabeth smart case. so, a lawyer who has represented high profile clients before. shepard: no doubt. jonathan hunt, thank you. every minute counts in the search for a pair of missing hikers on a mountain. their friend has been found dead. and it's not the first time crews have pulled bodies off this dangerous peak. the investigation is underway. the search is on. a live report from the scene is coming next. 
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shepard: three hikers went up a mountain, one died there. the other two are still out there somewhere. and three days after their journey started a desperate searchy underway at mount hood in oregon. rescue crews say anthony say anthony and kaelin are experienced climbers. and there is still a chance they could be found out there, avoiding the fate of tell low climber luke goalberg. mountaineers found his body on a glasure over the weekend. mount hood located in the northern part of oregon, some 50 miles east the portland. the group set off for the mountain on friday. we are told gullberg's remains were found the next day about 9,000 feet up the 11,000-foot mountain. family members say there must have been some sort of accident. >> the message that the kids sent out just before they left this parking lot at 1:30, it said on it, the conditions are
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absolutely perfect. we're leaving now. we'll be back by late afternoon. they left with every intention and with everything they thought they needed. shepard: today a break in the weather yet again giving rescue crews another short chance to look for the pair. both from a helicopter and on the ground. but they tell us there is still a risk of avalanches so they can't get to all the places where they would like to go. this as they warn the time is critical. david wilson of fox station ktpv live on scene at in thehood. what's the latest on the search? >> the latest right now is officials say they will continue this search despite all the snow and the bad weather that blew in on mount hood as we speak. earlier today sunshine did fall. we had lots of sunshine. clear whether ever. they had a fixed wing aircraft and two helicopters on the mountain. they got great visibility. here is what one of the rescue personnel had to say about that. >> as we were moving up, the cloud cover just kept rising. i was asking them if they could
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keep going up and we were actually -- we covered the entire summit ridge. >> this was the ideal conditions? >> it could not have been any better. >> >> could not have been any better. they still could not find those hikers. shepard: i understand one of the pieces of equipment found near the victim did not make it out provided clues about what happened. what do we know about what's on his camera? >> well, first off it shows the hikers leaving the parking lot here, having a good time, as they headed up the mountain. more importantly what it shows is that they may have taken a different route. that is puzzling for search and rescue teams as they try to ascertain where they may have gone on the mountain. shepard: thanks very much. local coverage. we appreciate it. new details about how much tiger woods stands to lose by leaving golf indefinitely as he puts it and the impact his absence may have on the sport that made him famous. global consulting firm accenture
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has become the first of tiger's sponsors to completely cut ties with the golf super star. the company says tiger woods is no longer the right representative. after tiger admitted to infidelity on a statement on his web site. accenture reportedly paid tiger 10 to $15 million a year. his biggest sponsor is nikey. it pays him about 30 million a year. this company says tiger has its full support, same goes for swiss watchmaker tagheuer greatest golfer in the world and what he does privately does not matter. gillette says it will limit tiger's role in marketing campaign but that it has not ended the relationship. tat&t now says it will reevaluae its sponsorship of woods after the two sides signed a deal earlier this year. meanwhile the pga is reportedly in the middle of associations for event sponsors for next year's tournaments. while his impact is not known, listen to this. tiger woods gets most of the credit for qualm quadrupling the
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prize money since he joined the tour. in 1996 winners got $70 million total. this past year they received 278 million. most of that according to the pga, thanks to higher revenues from title sponsors. another update on high profile scandal. the former call girl they center of the sex scandal that brought down the former new york governor elliott spitzer now an advice columnist. ash live dupre writing a weekly column in the "new york post" which is owned by the parent company of this network. >> hi, i'm ashley do you pray, i used to be on the front page of "the new york post." now i'm wright for it that's right. i'm the new york new advice columnist. shepard: the columnist called ask ashley. dupre says she will talk about everything from sex to christmas shopping, not that they're mutually exclusive. eliot spitzer resigned last year after news broke of his involvement with dupre and a high priced prostitution ring. the feds call it operation
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holiday hoax. next, why they say gift givers hunting for bargains could actually be harming their country. plus, hundreds of guests have cleared out of an upscale miami beach hotel after at least three people, who stayed there, got very sick, one died. what happened and why they have evacuated still ahead on fox report.
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shepard: your holiday shopping could be hurting the economy. that's the warning from the feds tonight. they say they rounded up more than $26 million in counterfeit products across the nation in just one week. they are calling it operation holiday hoax. and they are asking us all to think twice before we buy a knockoff watch or boot leg cd. catherine herridge is on the story. she is live from d.c. the message is that counter
7:22 pm
fitters are not helping america's job situation? >> that's right. a senior homeland security officer telling the officers today buying counterfeit is a job killer. >> you are putting an american worker out of a job, realize that you are giving your money not to a legitimate business that's trying to make money to pay for people's health care and have stores you can go to. you may save a few dollars up front but you are harming yourselves, you are harming the country. >> at the same news conference reporters being shown fake toys, designer sunglasses cd's and dvd's. all fake goods picked up off the streets holiday hoax. this is one of the largest holiday crackdowns we have seen in recent memories. 26 state states are affected, shep. shepard: they had some tips for shoppers, right, to be able to spot the fake stuff? >> they did. the news conference today they gave reporters what amounted to a tip list. titles too new to be true.
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for example movies or music not in the stores yet. a price that's just too cheap is a good indicator. labeling or packaging that is suspicious. for example, it looks like it's already been opened or it's sloppy. and sellers working on street corners, flee markets, and all of these things are good signs and pretty good clues and most of it as you can see is just plain old common sense, shep. shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. catherine, thanks. local police in ned are now searching for the people they say pulled off a well-planned armored car heist outside a casino in broad daylight. investigators say the robbers made off with what was described as a 1-million-dollar money bag. but the crooks may have been disappointed. police say that bag had only 36,000 bucks inside. investigators say they are trying to figure out whether the robbers used a vehicle fire in the casino's parking lot as a distraction during that robbery so is the recession over or what? even president obama's top economic advisors apparently cannot agree on that answer. we are live at the white house coming up. and fox news is on the job hunt.
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the economists say if we want to create more work, we should lower the minimum wage. lower it. as you might guess, not everybody agrees. coming up, we'll report. you decide.
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shepard: free denial of expression or indecency. that's now the question before local officials in the town of ashland, oregon. a town that's become known really for letting folks go around some parts of town with, well, nothing on. nudists are causing a stir and now there may be a crackdown. >> here, in free-thinking ashland, oregon, there is nothing illegal about going for a walk in the buff. but after a naturist from minnesota walked naked lapse around several local schools in plain view of students, some residents began calling for citywide nudity ban. >> there was a little girl that got there and she burst out crying before i even knew what was going on, she said i don't want that man there. >> when a naked guy is running around by your schools, i would
7:28 pm
say that's a little too open because not everybody holds those views. >> ashland has been grappling with the issue of nudity around schools since last may when a 66-year-old retired computer programmer was walking naked just outside of walker elementary as kids were on their way home. the city council considered creating a buffer around schools but couldn't get enough votes. state courts have ruled oregon's constitution protects nudity as a form of expression. a position supported in a
7:29 pm
expand. on nbc's meet the press, white house economic advisor kristina roamer warped that the recession is not over. two different takes on this tonight, wendell. >> shep with a 10% unemployment rate it is hard for the folks to say it's not getting better. find the right balance of yes we turned the corner and no, we are
7:30 pm
not yet out of the woods. robert gibbs down played differences between two of the president's top advisors on the sunday talk shows, national economic head larry summers. >> today everybody agrees that the recession is over. >> well, not quite everybody. >> so in this recession this recession is not over? >> of course not. for people on main street and throughout this country, they are still suffering. >> kristina roamer, head of the council of economic advisors was giving a political answer. summers a more technical one since the economy began growing again last july. peter sides with romer. >> if larry summers thinks this recession is over, he must be smoking dope. >> who decides we are in a recession? the short answer is a group of private economists called the national bureau of economic research. economists used to say it took two quarters of negative growth to start a recess but the current recession started with one. and the white house seems to think one quarter of positive growth will end it. >> it's likely the next time this board meets, that they will affix a date to the end of a
7:31 pm
recession from a statistical economic viewpoint that they are charged to do. >> but that won't happen until next year. maybe late next year. by that time, the white house hopes businesses will be hiring again and it won't feel wronged to say, yes, things are getting better. shepard? shepard: wendell goler, live at the white house tonight. wendell, thank you. drug money saved the banks around the money from collapse that's the claim from the head of the united nations office on drugs and crime. drug money saved it antonio told a british newspaper that banks desperate for cash absorbed what at times was the only liquid investment. capital available. drug profits. as a result, hes is the majority of the $352 billion from gangs went into the global economic system effectively laundering that dirty money. we're told drug profits are usually kept from cash.
7:32 pm
in this case banks came from officials in europe and the united states. several world leaders, including president obama have previously called for new international monetary fund regulations. the white house has not commented on this report. well, there is word tonight from dubai of another major bailout. not for a bank or a car company but for an entire government. coming to the rescue of middle eastern neighbor dubai, sending $10 billion to help dubai pay some of its debts. the city state took on massive amounts of debt in recent years to finance a remarkable building boom and has been hit hard by the global economic downturn. it recently asked global banks for a delay in repaying its loans. so today's news helped to restore investors confidence. the markets moved higher on that news today. along with the news that citigroup will start paying back 20 billion-dollar bailout. by the closing bell, the dow was up 30. the nasdaq up 22 and the s&p 500 up 8.
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oh, you know we are, fox news is on the job hunt. w. a look tonight at the impact of minimum wage. it's meant to help low-skilled workers. but some experts say it can actually kill jobs. making it harder for employers to keep up with minimum rates and forcing them to eliminate positions. not a new argument. the federal minimum wage now stands at $7.25 an hour. that's after three straight years of increases. in addition to the federal rate, most states have their own minimum wage. employers have to pay whichever is higher. james rosen is in washington tonight. james, upping the minimum wage is supposed to protect the workers. but the critics have always said it does just the opposite. >> yes. and most recently, shep, two brave economists david of the university of california and william washer of the federal reserve have published a provocative study of this issue. they examined 60 years of data and concluded the minimum wage actually reduces job opportunities and even wages over time for low skilled workers. that's because employers to cope
7:34 pm
with the higher employment costs either cut jobs or hours or raised prices that get passed along to low wage consumers. last week, charles lane, a member of the "the washington post" editorial board wrote and i quote: if president obama and congress were really as serious as they say they are about reducing unemployment, they would at least be willing to discuss rolling back last july's minimum wage increase it would create some jobs for those who need the most, lane said, and it would not cost taxpayers a dime, shep. shepard: are they willing to discuss it? >> no. and not just democrats control both houses of congress but because this issue has come particularly for democrats to be freighted with emotion. >> it's a matter of human dignity. i mean, who, amongst us, wouldn't want to be treated with human dignity. and to be paid dirt wages, means we're treated like dirt. and i don't think that people should be treated like dirt.
7:35 pm
>> social safety net in place, whether that minimum health care protections or, you know, other items that will help people, unemployment insurance, for example. those are things that no one is questioning that but what we're questioning is the artificial setting of a level of wage that really doesn't have a relationship to the economy. >> there is a sliver of good news in this. since 1979, 30 years ago, the percentage of salaried workers in america earning the minimum wage has plummeted from more than 13% back then to 3% today. shep? shepard: james rosen in the d.c. newsroom. thanks. something in the water at a posh miami hotel appears to have killed one person and sickened at least two others since october. it is the epic hotel. it's relocated some 300 guests after three were diagnosed with legion airs disease. that's a rare i'm it of pneumonia caused by inhaling mist or steam by bacteria
7:36 pm
infected water that bacteria grew after the hotel installed a very powerful filter that took the chlorine out of the supply of city water. the hotel reports it's working with the health department to resolve the problem. off duty fire department coming to the rescue of a woman ghawt a blaze in a high rise. top story on a fox trip across america. illinois. turns out the firefighter lives in the 29 story chicago apartment building. said he couldn't just stabbed there and watch. >> she was still conscious but she was knocked down from the smoke. grabbed her and drug her down the hallway. sat there and caught my breath for a little way. threw her on my back and took her down. anybody in our profession would do the exact same thing. >> the emergency crew took the woman to the hospital, reportedly in serious condition from smoke inhalation. connecticut. police say at least 50 cars crashed in shell ton, in a chain reaction collision on a wet road. here is one witness. >> it was a bad accident. it was crazy. cars all over the place. cars got pretty banged up as you
7:37 pm
see. just when you hit black eyes, you don't know what's going to happen next. >> dozens of people reported hurt. oregon. a man says a cat hitched a ride in the spare tire of his suv. the guy says he heard some meowing and pulled over to check it out. but he says he couldn't find the little guy until he got home when he and his daughter coaxed the animal out with a piece of salmon. >> he shined the light and i saw this little guy's face there and, you know, we tried to get him out. >> he seems to be fine. and that's a fox watch across america. an attack on a world leader that left him hospitalized with a broken nose and shattered teeth. now the man behind the ambush is speaking out about why he did it and we learned how long the victim is going to be out of commission. good grief. plus, a war over water. between the government and private property owners is tan effort to protect the clean water or might it be a government land grab?
7:38 pm
coming up, we will report. you decide.
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shepard: there is reporting now to indicate that iran may be working on a key component of a nuclear bomb. the part that triggers the explosion. our corporate cousins at the "times" of london say that they have learned that from confidential intelligence documents this is happening. the secretary of state hillary clinton refusing to comment on that report. but she does say the administration's efforts to negotiate an end to the nuclear showdown have not gotten a very positive response from the iranians. secretary clinton also calling on iran to release the three american hikers its held since the summer. iran now reports it plans to put them on trial. no word when that will happen or what the charges are exactly. but iran has accused the hikers of spying. secretary clinton calling that charge totally unfounded. >> the three young people who were detained by the iranians have absolutely no connection with any kind of action against
7:42 pm
the iranian state or government. shepard: and their families say, in fact, the three americans are just tourists that they crossed into that country, iran, accidentally. a new call today for the secretary of state to intervene in the case of a u.s. citizen now being detained in cuba. the maryland based consulting firm development alternatives incorporated. which works with the united states government confirms one of its contractors was taken into custody on december the 5th in cuba. the florida senator bill nelson is now asking secretary clinton to make this a top priority. in a letter written last week, nelson called it an outrage that cuban authorities have not allowed anyone from the united states to see the contractor. cuba has yet to say why the individual was detained but there have been reports the contractor was distributing cell phones and lab tops, devices that are legal in cuba, but also very expensive, hard to get, and very restricted.
7:43 pm
al qaeda's second in command says president obama's policy in the middle east is designed to humiliate muslims. that and nor in -- more in a message put on the internet today. ayman zawahiri accuses the president of supporting only israel and tricking of the world with his peace plan. al qaeda's number two also blasts key american allies in the region including mahmoud abbas and the leaders of egypt, jordan and sad saudi arabia. there has never been a fake audiotape from al qaeda leadership on that site. and another islamic militant group the united states considers a terrorist organization hamas is rallying tens of thousands of supporters to mark the 22nd year since its founding. the top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. gaza strip. green, the designated color of hamas everywhere in downtown gaza city. some parents even dressing small
7:44 pm
children in combat fatigues. all this despite years of hamas rule leading to war and poverty. the group's leader pledging it would never lay down its arms nor recognize israel in its battle for gaza, the west bank, and east jerusalem. india. a bus crushed after slamming head on into a tractor-driven carriage in an eastern region. police say the wreck killed more than 20 people, all of them on the bus. australia a four wheel drive vehicle overturning on a beach on an island in queens land. the crash reportedly killing a japanese tourist who was in a car. one man said he tried to help. >> stopped breathing. did everything we could, out been -- obvious buy it's not been enough. >> new rules for the use of four wheel drive vehicles on the island. china, remember the stadium in beijing known as the bird's nest? they used it in last year's summer olympics.
7:45 pm
managers are filling it with artificial snow, part of an effort to keep the place busy since the games ended. visitors pay $7 to enter the winter wonderland and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the italian prime minister berlusconi is still in the hospital as fox reports tonight after a man threw a souvenir statue at the prime minister's face and bloodied him up right in the middle of a rally in millan this weekend. the attack on tape. watch closely. you can seat man throw the statue, see there? right there and hit the prime minister and he chat and signed autographs. we are told it broke his nose and two teeth. hurt his lip, and caused chaos. it left the prime minister at the center of a crowd with a very bloody face. would you look at that security rushed berlusconi to the hospital. we are told he is in pain but that he will not need surgery. in a letter to the prime minister, the suspect reportedly apologized for what he called his cowardly act. prime minister berlusconi a very
7:46 pm
polarizing figure in italy these days. he was involved in a sex scandal and he is due to face criminal corruption trials. recently thousands of people protested, calling for his resignation. he is expected to be out of commission for at least a couple of weeks. now to the state of private property across the nation. a clean water bill is now pending in the senate, and it could lead to dramatic changes in the amount of control the government has over your land. some lawmakers are arguing it's essential to protect the water we drink, while others say it is actually an assault on the property rights of property owners. shannon bream with the news. she is in our washington newsroom tonight. shannon, what's the gist of this. >> well, shep, opponents of the clean water restoration act says if it passes it will amount to the largest federal land grab in history. under current u.s. law the government can navigate the waters in the united states. defined by congress and a couple
7:47 pm
of key supreme court decisions. this new measure would scrap the word 1/2 gattable all together. other things wet meadows, intermittently streams and natural ponds there is a very heated debate about just how intrusive it would be in reality. >> this is an assault on private property rights. it's a taking. and it is a government takeover. but i think that the landowners of the west and the country ought to have a right to do with the water on their land what they want. >> there are a number of very generous exemptions in their particularly for ranchers and farmers that i know have been worried about the effect of this legislation. but, in fact, those worries are largely unfounded. >> 28 lawmakers have sent a letter to democratic leadership here in washington warning them about what they say are the real life implications. excessive bureaucracy burdening private landowners and also they say the potential to destroy thousands of jobs. shep?
7:48 pm
shepard: two points of view. shannon bream, thanks. he lost a battle for the presidency but he didn't lose his fight. senator john mccain is now finding himself in the forefront of a brand new showdown. what senator mccain says about his role and his message on the republican party's future. senator mccain in the cube and coming next.
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>> we have ignition and liftoff of the delta 2 rocket air climb. shepard: wise nasa's new satellite on its way to space tonight. once it is up and running, nasa engineers say the satellite will be able to detect infrared light and find ridden asteroids and
7:52 pm
stars close to our solar system but too dim to be seen by regular telescopes. scientists say wise may spot prove previously unknown asteroids that hit earth. white house emails lost or thought lost during the bush administration are now reportedly found. this ends years of lawsuits over that administration's electronic record-keeping or lack thereof. two government watchdog groups now report the associated press. it appears the 22 million missing emails from 2003 to 2005 were mislabeled. a former bush 43 white house official tells the previous administration had already identified and recovered the emails and calls the announcement an attempt to create a quote, spooky conspiracy out of a standard it issue. the emails are to be turned over to the national archives for processing, which apparently will not release them until at least 2014. oh, fox news is america's election headquarters and 13
7:53 pm
months after losing his bid for the white house, the arizona senator john mccain is back in the headlines for speaking out against the policies of his former opponent. and now the republican is revealing what his party plans to do next. carl cameron reports tonight from d.c. >> thanks, shep. more than a year after losing the presidential election to barack obama, john mccain has reemerged as the administration's chief critic. is he front and center against the democrats' health care overhaul. >> we believe the quality is fine. we think that the problem is bringing the costs under control. >> and he is the lead opponent of wasteful congressional spending. >> i urge the president of the united states and -- i don't urge. i demand the president of the united states keep his word when he signed another pork barrel laden bill last march to veto this bill. >> he could not unite the g.o.p. against obama in last year's election but has republicans galvanized now against the obama agenda, particularly on health care. >> i think it's partially true that this and fiscal insanity
7:54 pm
that's going on around here is clearly being helpful to the republican party. but we will also sometime in the spring be coming out with a positive agenda of what we are going to do for america. that's one of the things we have to do. >> after last year down playing to senator not a version of intraspeculation but just preference for action and engagement. we said goodbye to the secret service that night and i got right back in the arena. that is the cure for a defeat. and i have enjoyed every minute of it being back. i really have. >> mccain has a message for those who would purge non-purists from the g.o.p. he says be inclusive because party registration is shrinking. republicans have to encourage and recruit those with shared ideas. not drive them away with ideological tests. shep? shepard: carl cameron reporting earlier tonight from washington. it seems everyone is getting into the holiday spirit these
7:55 pm
days. even the deer. and from the looks of things, getting out could be a problem for this guy. local wildlife officials say there is no reason to worry about all of that stuff on the antlers. an explanation next. ññ?y@?
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shepard: top stories coming up. but first perhaps rudolph can take this christmas year off and santa claus can just use this guy to light the way, if he can fly, of course. folks in colorado springs spotted this decorated deer a couple of weeks ago. wildlife officers say the buck should be ok once it sheds antlers for the winter. in the meantime maybe it can perhaps plug itself in somewhere. updating some of fox top story. president obama meeting with some the executives from the top banks asking them to do whatever they can to help increase lending and help revive the economy. democrats in the senate say they may make major changes to health care overhaul plans. dropping the government-run option insurance plan and ditching an effort to medicare
7:59 pm
to younger folks. josh powell, the utah man whose wife susan disappeared one week ago has retained an attorney. and on this day in 1799, george washington died of a acute laryngitis. after leading the continental army to victory over british forces during the revolutionary war. general washington returned to politics and vowed to unite the nation as its first commander and chief. he spent two terms in office before retiring to virginia in 1797. as the story goes, washington got a sore throat after riding horseback through freezing rain and snow. 4 hours later he lost his voice and his breath. at home in bed. and a grateful nation said guy by to the man first in war -- first in peace and first in the hearts of his countryman 210 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, december the 14th, 2009. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. we're all back tomorrow


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